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White House Wives on Screen

Throughout the inauguration of Donald Trump we witnessed many things. Mass protesting, controversy over crowd size and Melania’s frown/smile. An eclectic mix, and while Trump was hit with a torrid of protest, his female entourage remained relatively unscathed.
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“He was stalking mum constantly. When she was walking the dog he would be just behind her”

Vanessa Engle’s, Love you to Death, aired last night on BBC Two. The documentary is
screening at a time when domestic violence is at the forefront of national conversation. 

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Men Get Eating Disorders Too

“For me, I loved being anorexic” were the first words of Florence Pellacani’s 30-minute documentary titled ‘Millstone’.

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“Even in death they got her”, Harrow Conversations with Jackie Hyams

“Were they both gay?” was the question put to Jackie Hyams in reference to the Krays.

A long pause ensued. Hesitantly she replied with a simple “yes”.

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Amy Winehouse Documentary Reviewed

There were 3,346 drug-poisoning deaths registered in England and Wales in 2014 according to ONS. Of these, 67% of these drug misuse deaths involved illegal drugs. The mortality rate from drug misuse was the highest ever recorded in 2014, at 39.9 deaths per million population.

(All statistics taken from ONS)

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Professor Green, Suicide and Me.

Tim Carter, English Footballer, death by hanging, 2008.
Terry Newtown, English rugby player, suicide, 2010.
Alexander McQueen, found hung in his wardrobe, 2010
Gary Speed, Welsh footballer, suicide, 2011.
Tony Scott, English film director, jump, 2012. 

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What is it about gangster’s that continue to fascinate us?

“They are fascinating characters. There won’t be a crime family like them again”, said Steve Wraith a friend of the Kray family.

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Bond Fever Cured, Spectre has finally arrived

Bond’s 24th film, Daniel Craig’s 4th, Spectre has finally arrived.


Thank goodness.

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Spacial Friday

Last night I went to see “The Martian”. The survival science fiction genre has never really been my forte.

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