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May 2017

Breakout accessories of the season

Sartorial statements have always been the backbone of Fashion Week, never more so than in London with its eclecticism and explosion of creative talent. Yet the humble accessory has demanded focus this season. From crocs to ornate headpieces, these were the breakout accessories that stuck to mind…

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Living in London is a Tough Gig

I’m currently standing on the icy stoned marbled floor of my bathroom in a face-off with the Victorian sink. It’s an enormous cream vessel with a leaky tap and a cantankerous temper, choosing occasionally to pamper to my wintered soul and provide some lukewarm water. To me, it signifies London: grandiose, bygone and callous. London’s not very nice to its people and the London natives by default are permanently petulant and irritated. Just like my sink.  

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