“Activists, we have a choice between victory and death”, said Dame Vivienne Westwood in reference to Climate Change. 

On Sunday 29th November more than 600,000 people took to the streets in 175 countries around the world to campaign for our world leaders to take action on climate change.

A group of 50,000 were on route from Hyde Parke to Whitehall according to organisers, with Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn, actresses Emma Thompson and Vanessa Redgrave, singers Thom Yorke and Charlotte Church, and Green MP Caroline Lucas among those who attended.

University of Westminster alumni and fashion designer Vivienne Westwood has been particularly outspoken in reference to climate change action. She attended the Climate Day March in London. Speaking outside of the Hilton Hotel she told the 70,000 marchers that, “the rotten financial system is the cause of all our problems-poverty, war, climate change. Global warming is at the tipping point. If we go past it we can’t stop. We are there right now. We have to stop it’.



Westwood has long been an activist on the plight of climate change. Her blog, Climate Revolution attempts to promote the issue, embedding videos and tweets from the famous Dame in ‘Vivienne’s Diary’, highlighting her disdain of the English Government and their lack of commitment to the issue of climate change.


Westwood has also taken on climate change within the boundaries of her fashion empire. She collaborated with the Environmental Justice Foundation, producing a range of climate change branded T shirts sold in Selfridges and modelled by Naomi Campbell and Gillian Anderson. All proceeds go to the Environmental Justice Foundation’s No Place Like Home campaign, which raises awareness of the plight of people who have been forced from their homes due to climate change.

She is adamant that affirmative action needs to be taken, stating in her piece to camera video that “we have no choice between a green economy and mass extinction”.

According to Westwood by the end of a century if we continue as we are, our population will be reduce to a mere 1 billion. She shows her viewers a self drawn map of the world. Most of the countries are coloured in red, for as according to Westwood if the temperature raises +5C this red section of the world will cease to be.

Vivienne Westwood showing her viewers what the world would look like if the temperature was +5C. The red would uninhabited
Vivienne Westwood showing her viewers what the world would look like if the temperature was +5C. The red would uninhabited

Dame Vivienne Westwood is a pioneer of climate change activism, desperately trying to tackle the worlds leaders and reduce our carbon admissions. She wants to put extreme pressures on our world leaders to take action on this universal and pressing environmental issue.

Dame Vivienne Westwood getting heated in her video
Dame Vivienne Westwood getting heated in her video

She promotes How to Change the World, a documentary about the birth of Greenpeace; is fanatical about drawing people’s attention to climate change and even famously rode a white tank up to David Cameron’s constituency home in Chadlington, Oxfordshire on 11th September of this year, to protest again fracking.

Westwood, a former punk who famously didn’t both to wear knickers when she collected her OBE from the Queen, is tiny at 74 but has a voice that demands to be heard.

As she says in her doco style interview posted on her blog, “activists we have a choice between victory and death”. It would seem that Dame Vivienne Westwood is tackling the issue of climate change head on and is certainly not going to be giving up anytime soon.

Climate talks will go on until 11th December, amid optimism among negotiation that an effective agreement can be reached.

To watch Dame Vivienne’s short video click below

Authors Note: Dame Vivienne Westwood’s publicist has been contacted and is looking into a time for an interview with Ms. Westwood.
A profile piece will be followed up following the interview