Anthony Nolan’s, Saving the Lives of People with Blood Cancer tackles the heavy misconception that donating is scary.

Following the Paris Massacre people came in their droves to physically help those in need, rolling up their shirts to give blood to their fellow countrymen. It was a heroic act at such a vulnerable time, but unfortunately we are non too consistent in our donations.

Anthony Nolan is a UK charity that works in the areas of leukemia and hematopoietic stem cell transplantation. The charity also carries out research to help make bone marrow transplants more effective.

Since 1998 Anthony Nolan has operated a student organisations in Universities known as Marrow works. It aims to raise awareness of the charity and blood cancers within universities and their local communities. Originating at Nottingham University, Marrow Works now operates in 39 universities in the UK and worldwide.

The University of Westminster is one of them.

On Thursday 26 November Marrow Works was at the University of Westminster’s Harrow Campus. They were encouraging students to forgo the previous misconceptions that donating is scary, painful and uncomfortable. With more than 2,000 lives at stake every year they are desperately trying to put an end to this myth.

It is as simple as spitting in a cup. The Are You Fit to Spit? campaign was being targeted to students, encouraging them pit into a plastic cup to see if they could help save the lives of people with blood cancers like leukemia. Every 20 minutes someone is diagnosed with blood cancer and the Are you Fit to Spit campaign is simply trying to find people who are fit and willing to donate to the many thousands of victims of blood cancer.

The volunteers from Anthony Nolan found many a helpful Westminster Student who was willing to spit to see if they were fit.

Students Signing Up
Students Signing Up

One such student was Mutlimedia Masters Student, Kip Dudden who is keen to donate if healthy. One of the charity’s main aims is to recruit more male donors, as they are more likely to be chosen by doctors to donate, and are selected for 80% of donations.

Kip spitting
Kip spitting

So go on, Are You Fit to Spit?

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Words: Catherine McMaster
Images: Catherine McMaster