There must be something to distract us from the cold and miserable November drear. 

Christmas decorations and ornaments are coming out earlier, the famous button for the Christmas Lights along Oxford Street was pushed by a swanky Kylie in early November, and the Christmas tunes already seem to be a favourite on our radios. The Christmas spirit made a grand albeit early entrance, one of the greatest marketing ploys to try and distract us from our November blues.

November is a dreary month. October is over, and with that finite day which ends in a rather odd celebration of children trickle treating and adults dressing as felines, we say a goodbye to any hope of sunshine. November is upon us, ‘winter is coming’ were the famous words of Jon Snow and which I think fit rather nicely here.

It is perhaps with utter merriment that we receive the news that Somerset Houses’s Ice Rink opened over the weekend.

Every Londoner knows of Somerset Houses’s famous ice skate rink, it is one of London’s most ‘ice cool’ destinations. The piazza in the middle of this neoclassical palace transforms into a 900 square metre outdoor rink which will look the very definition of festive fun on Instagram.

And there are some very tempting extras; the Fortnum’s Lodge adjacent to the rink offers champagne, as well as Club Nights that will feature DJS from Ministry of Sound and Island Records. Skating at Somerset House is the very epitome of London cool. Furthermore guests can admire the skaters with a drink in hand at the pop up Botanical Bar, warm yourself with a glass of mulled wine as you watch Bambi on ice.

It is such a quintessentially London tradition, ice skating, that it would be a shame to miss this spectacular event. Somerset House Ice Rink is available from 18th November- 10th January. Tickets can be purchased online at,

Somerset House, image authors own.
Somerset House, image authors own.

Words: Catherine McMaster
Images: Catherine McMaster