On a frosty Thursday evening Convent Garden is a hive of activity. Piles of people spill over on the ancient cobbled streets. Amidst the pockets of after work drinkers, street performers and shopaholics two young men stagger in yellow jumpsuits and gas masks, an absurd site for this bourgeoisie piazza.

In large yellow block letters #BreakingMad is unmissable, beaming greedily from the centre of their barrel. Onlookers stare questioning, some even pull out their 6 lenses Canon to capture the slightly obscene moment. Suddenly the fire breathing street performer who performs every Thursday looses his crowd.

Flyers are quickly being passed around; the masked men seemed to have caused quite a stir. It is not everyday that you find yourself handed a flyer from a man barely recognisable in a yellow plastic jumpsuit and a gas mask that resembles one of the relics from the National War Museum.

Despite their entertainment value these men have a purpose. They have come to one of London’s busiest squares to promote #BreakingMad.

Breaking Bad emerged as a TV show in 2008 with positive reviews. It has since won a variety of accolades and is considered by most to be ‘the greatest TV show of all time’. The illicit world of drug production takes a refreshing turn as the high school Chemistry teacher from a parochial town is diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer. He turns to crime, producing and selling crystallised methamphetamine to secure his family’s financial future before his inevitable death.

The felonious world of debauchery and gluttony in Breaking Bad has long been the staple London nightlife. It only seems fitting that the two should join force and give its hungry partygoers two and a half hours of immersive hazardous celebration.

For ‎£44 you are given a unique nightlife experience at the Old Truman Brewery where according to our two gas masked promoters “you’ll be taught a lesson in being bad as you descend into debauchery and a series of thematic adventures”. The ticket also gives you two themed bright blue (fitting) cocktails; food is also available.

That is as far as information is concerned regarding #BreakingMad, details are pretty tit lipped so guests are unaware of what they are descending into. What we do know is that GQ describes it as “one of the coolest things in the world this week” and Time Out London calls it “the most awesome/ bonkers Christmas party in London this year”.

Tickets are scarce and can be found online. The event runs for 8 nights only from 1-3 and 7-11 December 2015. The event is run by creative party geniuses SecretPartyTT.

The promoter dressed fittingly dressed in lab attire tells me “you think Breaking Bad the TV series is good, just imagine the themed party. Seriously do yourself a favour and go”.

If this is not enough for the sceptics out there, turn to social media and see the excitement brewing. Lucie Herring considers its worth a visit to the cultural capital,

Ray Jones from Time Out also gives it a plug,

I don’t know Breaking Bad the series but if this enthusiasm is anything to go by I suggest booking at http://uk-offers.timeout.com/deals/event-breaking-mad.

Authors Note: Despite promoters attire there is no need to dress in theme.