At 7:46am on 14th November, Andrew Neil a Scottish journalist and broadcaster tweeted the following.

The tweet from the previous Editor of the Sunday Times sparked a twitter debate, with some expressing their disgust while others insisted on verification.

Camilla Long from The Times replied with ‘scum’.

The events on Friday 14th in Paris has left 129 people dead and 350 injured. At approximately 9:45pm the first shots were fired inside the Bataclan Theatre located in the 11th arrondissement in Paris. Three men stormed the building armed with AK47s and explosives. At first concertgoers thought it was part of the performance by Californian Band, Eagles of Death Metal but the reality of the situation soon became apparent when people began falling to the ground after being sprayed by bullets.

In the 1500 capacity Bataclan theatre 118 people died and a further 99 were injured. The Telegraph reported that the ‘gunman deliberately targeted partygoers in wheelchairs’ with witnesses also telling The Mirror that the attackers targeted disabled people first.

“They went into a back room and just started shooting them,” witness Helen Wilson said.

A minute silence was held at 11am this morning around Europe to honour the victims and the families affected by the largest terrorist attack in the Western world in over a decade. Thoughts and prayers are with families, friends and victims.



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