Put a class of 20 journalism Masters students in front of a 6 lenses Canon camera set on a tripod and the results vary.

There are those who take to the camera like a fish to water, some that shy away, others elect themselves as creative director while some look on nonchalantly.

I’m glad to say that the class of Multimedia Masters students from the University of Westminster proved to be no exception.

On a miserably wet Monday morning we were directed into the photo studio on our Harrow Campus. A studio proper complete with lights and white background presented us as we were told to ‘go play’. Translation of course was to try and test the camera while taking professional head shots of each other for our blogs and professional networking sites. The reality? Group shots complete with some choicely pulled faces, a faux proposal staged in order to amp up the drama, kisses, laughter and of course some elbow popping posed sideway shots.

It’s interesting how when we are put in front of a camera and told to be serious it feels totally unnatural. However, put us in front of a camera and tell us to be silly and we are completely comfortable. Students who had barely spoken bonded in the clinical studio with light reflectors and a camera in their faces. Even in the most unnatural of environments organic conversation can surface.

At the end of our hour we were told to regroup and return to our self assigned seats. Those who had been hanging off each other in a ‘couples’ shot sadly parted ways when off camera. No longer were we ‘fake’ kissing or posing, we had returned to socially acceptable behaviour deemed appropriate for the classroom.

Beneath the studious image of the proper Masters student we all, to an extent, adopt the role of the model and voyeur. It may not have been professional but it sure was amusing. See the photos and decide for yourself.


Photos: Authors own