The public needs to urge their MPs to submit substantial evidence in order to protect the Freedom of Information Act (FoI), says Director of Campaign for Freedom of Information, Maurice Frankel.

Speaking to The Westminster Wire, Frankel stressed the importance of the FoI Act, which affects you in ways you might not be aware of.

The FoI Act is an essential tool for voters and journalists to really know what is happening behind closed government doors.

The Conservative government is attempting to curb our ability to access restricted information by establishing a committee to investigate how the FoI Act could be reformed.

These reforms will weaken the FoI Act by incorporating new restrictions on the release of information, strengthening the ministerial veto and adding new fees.

The Independent Commission on Freedom of Information is currently inviting anyone to submit evidence on the questions raised in the call for evidence paper.

The more evidence giving positive details of how the FoI Act improves transparency and the public’s right to know, the greater the chance of the Commission coming to the conclusion that the Act should remain unchanged.

By submitting evidence of how FoI requests have contributed to the advancement of government transparency in your community to your local MP, you can help make essential information accessible to everyone.

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Words by: journalists of The Westminster Wire.

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