We all remember Lady Gaga’s meat dress of 2010. A dress made entirely of raw beef was always going to make a statement.

Lady Gaga’s infamous meat dress

Now imagine dresses made out of chocolate. Crazy right? Wrong. Over the channel food and fashion has become the norm.

The Salon du Chocolat in Paris opened with its traditional fashion catwalk, featuring some designs by some of France’s best-known chocolatiers. TV hosts, tennis players, trendy punk stars and even the current Miss France paraded down the catwalk presenting some alternative dresses in the form of chocolate garments.

A model parading the latest chocolate fashions

Globe dresses made entirely of the rich delicacy we call chocolate, smarty studded floor length gowns, cupcake headpieces and chocolate buttoned hats; an amalgamation of modern abstract fashion art and food was always going to be a success.

The show marked the beginning of the five day chocolate event that brings together 220 international chocolatiers from around the world. Some 700 invited guests will have the unique opportunity to discover and taste chocolates in the heart of Paris Porte de Versailles Exhibition Centre.

First Lady Gaga and now the French. It seems food is fast becoming the most fashionable accessory to wear.

Never has food and fashion so closely united than what we have seen in the last decade, and it doesn’t just stop at Lady Gaga. Nicki Minaj’s recently donned a hot pink chicken wing around her neck, whereas kooky foodie counterpart, Katy Perry prefers the fashion of ultra-saccharine pastries and junk food (who could forget her candy land mini dress from music video California Gurls).  The creativity of fashion knows no bounds.

Fashion shows such as Chanel and Moschino have adopted edible themes, and street style food accessories such as KFC cups crafted into shoulder bags and silver glazed milk carton miniaudieres have become commonplace on the catwalk.

Who knows, perhaps last night’s leftovers have a whole new meaning.

Photos: All taken from creative commons


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