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November 2015

Dame Vivienne Westwood Tackles Climate Change

“Activists, we have a choice between victory and death”, said Dame Vivienne Westwood in reference to Climate Change. 

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Men Get Eating Disorders Too

“For me, I loved being anorexic” were the first words of Florence Pellacani’s 30-minute documentary titled ‘Millstone’.

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Are you Fit to Spit?

Anthony Nolan’s, Saving the Lives of People with Blood Cancer tackles the heavy misconception that donating is scary.

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Are we eating too much salt?

The other day I had a very odd encounter with the canteen lady. 

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London Dungeon Lates Reviewed

Any where with the signage ‘adults only’ and ‘gin cocktails on arrival’ assuredly guarantees you a good night. In the case of the London Dungeon Lates however I wouldn’t be too sure. 

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“Even in death they got her”, Harrow Conversations with Jackie Hyams

“Were they both gay?” was the question put to Jackie Hyams in reference to the Krays.

A long pause ensued. Hesitantly she replied with a simple “yes”.

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The Rise in Male Anorexia

A study at the University College of London has found that eating disorders are growing twice as fast among men and boys as compared to women and girls.

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Celebrate all things Mexican

2015 is the year of Mexico. This is not just because its capital city played a staring role in Sam Mendes’s billon dollar Spectre, or that Day of the Dead has evolved to be one of the worlds most eminent celebrations. No, in fact according to 2015 has been designated as the year of Mexico in the UK.

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Amy Winehouse Documentary Reviewed

There were 3,346 drug-poisoning deaths registered in England and Wales in 2014 according to ONS. Of these, 67% of these drug misuse deaths involved illegal drugs. The mortality rate from drug misuse was the highest ever recorded in 2014, at 39.9 deaths per million population.

(All statistics taken from ONS)

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