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October 2015

London’s Tate Modern Reviewed

There are few greater pastimes on a rainy Saturday afternoon than visiting one of London’s most popular and iconic museums.
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Bond Fever Cured, Spectre has finally arrived

Bond’s 24th film, Daniel Craig’s 4th, Spectre has finally arrived.


Thank goodness.

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Jean-Etienne Liotard Exhibition Reviewed

The first retrospective exhibition in the UK devoted to the idiosyncratic Swiss artist Jean-Etienne Liotard opened at the Royal Academy of Arts on the weekend. The exhibition covered the artist’s time in Paris, Vienna, Geneva, Constantinople and London, with 70 of his rarely seen works.

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Reef lives and breathes through McCalman’s tales

Professor Iain McCalman weaved a rich tapestry of history, science, culture and environment to explore the various identities of the Great Barrier Reef at a Sydney Writers’ Festival talk on Monday night.

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Renegotiations with EU : What do Londoners think?

Prime Minister David Cameron has been having informal discussions with various European leaders regarding Britain’s membership in the European Union. We walked around Oxford Circus to find out what people think about Brexit as Cameron tries to restructure Britain’s relationship with the EU.

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Book Review: The Newlyweds

Nell Freudenberger’s book is about a Bangladeshi woman adapting to her new American life and American husband, George. 

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Spacial Friday

Last night I went to see “The Martian”. The survival science fiction genre has never really been my forte.

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Irvine Welsh In Person

Angus Fontaine opens Irvine Welsh’s Sex Lives of Siamese Twins talk with the following statement:

‘Just some housekeeping rules everyone. Please turn off your phones, mind your p’s and q’s, but no need to mind your f’s and c’s’.

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Wooing Mussolini: the life and conquests of the Italian warmonger Gabriele D’Annunzio

Gabriele D’Annunzio is a warmonger, womanizer, poet and playwright. He was a megalomaniac, a fascist, and aviator, dubbing himself L’Immaginifico ‘The Great Curator’. He is the personification of Italian decadence, a creature of an unbridled appetite for fame, luxury and women.

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